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Hunter Education Certificate of Qualification

brock ratcliff

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after reading this I figured I better check on mine, too. right where I left them. last time I saw these was when I hunted Colorado back in 1996. fuck me running, I'm getting old. (n) I wonder if these pics of the cards would suffice in place of a duplicate from the state? I took pics of both sides so I could keep these on the computer in case I might ever need replacements. both of these spent a few years in my wallet a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

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View attachment 95949
All that is needed in Colorado now is your customer ID with the DOW.


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Licking Co.
I suspect that most any of the older central ohioans here would know Steve. He worked at Vance's Shooters Supply for years. I barely knew him. he wasn't really my mentor, just helped run the Bowhunter Education course that I took. I had been bowhunting a few years before I took the course even though I was only 16 at the time.


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Southern Ohio
Well, to insure that I have all my bases covered, I took the online 'Ohio Bowhunter Education' course this afternoon and successfully passed it.

I now have the certificate card & number needed for any archery hunt within the United States that requires it.

It was a good refresher if nothing else.


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I like how the hunters have coats and wool hats on, I always got chuckle out of southern hunters outfits, a degree under 50 and the gore tech parka came out. lol
It's a different cold though. My wife was all excited one year because it was going go be 52 for our Christmas visit. She about froze the and said it was unnaturally cold.
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