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Grape Kool-aid for deer


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I've got a buddy that swears by chewing grape bubblisuous while in the stand. I've laughed at him for 4 years now...maybe the joke was on me.


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I bought a couple of the TSC trace mineral blocks early this spring. I used my bow saw to cut one into quarters. I took two of the quarters out to the woods & it didn't really appear at first to be doing much good. Deer weren't that interested from what my cams told me, though coons are. I haven't checked one of 'em all summer, but the other in mixed in with one of my mineral sites & the deer do not touch it. I just recently applied grape kool aid, so time will tell. On the other hand, of the two remaining quarters, one is out behind the shed & I have a doe hitting it almost every day. I added some grape to that as well, but rain came in afterwards. I just recently posted a pic in the WTF trail cam thread & hawks are hitting it....lol


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SW Ohio
I refreshened my one and only mineral licks on the farm I hunt last night. Only had about 1/5 of a white salt block left which had only brought in does,fawns and a couple 1.5 year old bucks. Added a 40#trace mineral block,40# of mixed grain,20# of Big and J granular and a pint of grape koolaid powder. I have two cams over it in case of malfunctions. Gonna let soak for 3-4 weeks and I'll let y'all know if or what it draws in.

First time I spent this much to just get some dang pics so it better produce! Lol.


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I'm just baiting deer right now to get pictures of what's out there Rich. It will be interesting to see what it draws in and what their reaction is to it.
Definately worth trying to see whats in your neck of the woods... Ill be looking for an update how your deer respond.. I have two bags of donuts and two containers of koolaide ready to go bait the bears tomorrow... Gotta check cam I put out two weeks ago where Brutus is at...