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2019’ shed season has started


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SW Ohio
I’m pretty much done with the shed huntin I reckon, yard and landscaping and other crap is needing more and more of my time as you all can relate at this time of the year. I busted ass home to start a job and thought about 3 other ones that need doin while I tackled the one I was doing😂🤣

Here is what I’ve found up till this point(16). The heaviest shed masswise is the fake antler(back and far right😂🤣)
I actually found a piece of another shed but I can’t count it as it’s FUBAR😂

Here’s something I discovered after studying the two sheds I found this weekend hunting with Brian. I mentioned it to him and we both agree it’s almost 100% positive. The freshy left side I picked up first is in fact most definitely the same buck I later found the last years right side too. Both were found across the field from each other about 250-300 yards apart. The little right side definitely dropped a year ago and also had teeth marks on the tips as if it had also been carried around some as well and found in the middle of a major trail. Here are the side by side comparisons.

They look almost mirror images aside of the fact the sizes are different when laying like this.


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NW Ohio
Hmmmm, think maybe he’s going to expect the same in return?
Me? I don't think so. He was as wide as tall. Real nice guy. I could walk to his house from mine. I'd never met him prior to giving him an estimate and chatting a bit tonight. I think it just isn't his thing and a nice guy being neighborly.