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LIVE! From the Stand 2022-2023 Edition


Senior Member
Constitution Ohio
2 does and a weak 8 the first hour.


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The Flatlands
I’m out. Mostly because I’m trying to burn myself out well before November apparently. On a different piece of public, hunted this spot last year and the number of does I saw was unreal. I thought it started raining halfway up the tree when a gust of wind blew through and started absolutely dumping acorns. Saw some on another tree walking in and a ton of acorn caps, these suckers are the size of quarters. Hopes are fairly high, finally have a west wind here so it should be perfect. Didn’t see any sign of any other people back here either so that’s a plus. Packed in the camera gear so we’re gonna try that too. Mosquitoes suck and it’s hot. This is stupid.