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Live from the stand 2021/22


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I was hoping for something more mature 🤣
I think your reaction would be more along the lines of


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knox county ohio
After all day at the softball field. Savannah decided she wanted to go stay with a friend, so I sent my buddy to the blind where I was gonna take her and I'm tucked into a fence row loaded with oaks looking over a bean field corner. And my brother is on the other side of the property.


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Arrow fired on my property tonight with a very unhappy ending so far. My son shot his first ever deer tonight which happened to be a little BB. Shot was made at 6:58pm. Was quite low and back. Shot was made at 32 yards with an Xbow. Tracked blood starting at 8:45pm up to the road and to the neighboring property. Upon finding where it crossed the road and went down I knew what I had to do. I then walked to my neighbors house and Asked my neighbor for permission. it was granted. Walked about 300 yards of blood trail and it came to specks about every 50 or 60ft. I marked with tp and an onX pin and backed out… gut wrenching for me and even though my boy is playing tough I know it’s hurting him that he made a bad shot… anyways, thought I’d share my story, congrats to everyone successful today and good luck to those going tomorrow.


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