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Life in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s

Cars where you could tell make, model, and year just by looking at it.

Cars now all look the same with only slight difference and a different car company emblem on them.
I remember sitting in my parents front yard and night and trying to tell what make the car was just by looking at the headlights.


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Columbiana County
Remember the 3.2 beer? Miller had green and red caps. If you were 19 you could buy the 3.2 until you hit 21 then you could buy the good shit lol. We would put the good shit on the counter anyway hoping no ID would be asked for and laugh like hell when we got away with it lol.
Remember that, hell 20 years later they were still selling that stuff in Utah 😂😂😂🍺🖕🏻Dang Mormons 😂😂😂