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2022 Shed Hunting


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NW Ohio
23 sheds? Good grief. How many beers did it take to find 23? Sounds like a long day. I'd be pumped to find 23 in a season. Nice work!

I heard Ric has walked around 1200 miles this year on his shed hunting pilgrimage. Last I heard that was 21 or 22 sheds. You need to give him some lessons. 😁
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NW Ohio Tundra
Took a walk looking for possibly the match to the big shed from the other day. Found a really nice 4 point side, walked about 50 more feet and almost tripped on another one in an overgrown field. 2 sheds in 2 minutes! The 2nd one ended up being the match to the big shed from Thursday. Its G2 is broken off but clearly is a match. Was found approximately 500 yards from the other side.



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SW Ohio
Walked over 8 miles today and found 2 nice freshies with no chews so they musta dropped recently. First off, I was couple miles from home and walked 1/2 mile up big wooded hillside to a small field on top and spotted tines. Reached for my phone to take pic and nada!!!! Forgot it at home, FACK!!!! Lol
Left it there and hunted on way back to truck and went home to get phone. 🙄😂
Went back to shed and took photos then continued on finding another nice right side 100 yards away and inside 1.25 of walking. The rest of the 8 miles was strictly exercise but I’m very happy! These 2 make 25 total. I’m wrapping up my shed hunting on Friday, gotta start on them raised beds😂🤣😎



Both together by pile


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SW Ohio
Well, decided to put all of my sheds away that I had around the fireplace with the exception of 2. I kept one from TG8 and Character since they’re over the fireplace.
Anywho, as I sorted and packed them in totes I paired up my nicest sets today. I don’t have a ton of matched sets but laid them out for a photo anyway. I have a half dozen dink sets and the ones I found this year that didn’t make the photo op but here they are.

The 2 large sets top left same row are from the same deer in back to back years. I missed that deer when he carried the bigger set(2nd down top left). Shot right over him taking his hair off.😐😬
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Nw oh
? Why would anyone cut a bucks head off right now? I saw one laying headless along the road somewhere around delaware oh today and thought wtf y?