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  1. dante322

    North American Hunting Club

    Anyone know anything about it? I got something in the mail from them. They say if i join for a dollar a month, they will send me hunting gear to try out, write a review, and keep. I get a knife and a wild game cookbook for joining. It's been my experience that if it sounds to good to be true...
  2. C

    coon hunting

    how is the coon hunting around Cygnet Ohio? is it hard to find a places to run a dog? is there a coon club close by? Move to the area this summer.
  3. themedic

    Shed hunting and arrow head hunting on the radio

    Couldnt find a fitting place for this topic so I thought I would try in the Shed Forum. I'm doing a interview with Dan Armitage of Buckeye Sportsman.net radio Saturday morning 6-7am and talking about shed and arrowhead hunting. Since I plan to talk about it, I thought I would share some of my...
  4. bowhunter1023

    1023's 2013-2014 Hunting Log

    It is never TOO early to start these things and considering my season got off to an "official" start this weekend, I figured it was time to turn over a new leaf with the hunting log as well. One of my favorite things about spring is bringing mineral sites back from the dead and/or starting up...
  5. Rutin

    Cleveland Bow hunting show

    Anyone going to be at the Cleveland bowhunting show this weekend?
  6. jagermeister

    Rough morning... for the geese.

    Carpn, Kaiser, myself, and our friend Aaron met up this morning with plans to thin the goose population a bit. Yesterday we located a prime loafing area... a picked soybean field that had flooded within the past few days... There were probably 400-500 geese on it and quite a few ducks. Our...
  7. jagermeister

    Snow + Cold + Wind = Bad News for Birds

    Carpn Jake, myself, and another guy met up in Jake's neck of the woods yesterday to hunt a corn stubble field. Jake's been scouting this valley for a quite a while and, although the geese he saw were always flying and not sitting in the field, we figured with a good enough spread we'd have...
  8. jagermeister

    Goose Hunting Fun

    Got an invite to hunt some geese with Carpn this morning over in Ashland County. The first big flock of birds unexpectedly came in cross-winded, jumped one of the wings of our spread, and landed off to our far right... pretty much eliminating any good shot opportunities for the whole group. We...
  9. jagermeister

    Hunting Pressure Observations?

    What's everyone seeing out there as far as hunting pressure goes? Driving around doing inspections yesterday and today, I've been surprised by how few pumpkin people I've seen walking around. I even drove around the only public wildlife area in Medina County yesterday afternoon at 4:00 pm and...
  10. jagermeister

    North Dakota 2012 Recap (pic HEAVY)

    We made it back to Ohio on Saturday morning, and I'm just now getting caught up on sleep and husband duties around the house. lol To say this trip was epic would be a gross understatement! What a blast! My group (7 of us) met up in Clyde last Friday, and started heading west around 4:30 p.m...
  11. S

    new business coming

    new business coming soon Hello everyone, my name is Drew Parsons and I am a hunter and fisherman in southern Ohio, namely Athens and Morgan counties..if you guys have any questions on the hunting or fishing down here let me know. I am currently trying to open up a new business Scatter Ridge...
  12. S

    hopefully a new business

    Hello everyone, my name is Drew Parsons and I am a hunter and fisherman in southern Ohio, namely Athens and Morgan counties..if you guys have any questions on the hunting or fishing down here let me know. I am currently trying to open up a new business Scatter Ridge Outfitters, to cater to...
  13. jagermeister

    Flashlights... Red lens or white???

    Phil's headlamp suggestion in the 'Gift Card Dilemna' thread got me thinking a little bit. I know a lot of guys use headlamps, myself included, and some use flashlights while walking in or out of the woods. How many use a red lens? Do you think it really helps? I'm asking because I've had...
  14. jagermeister

    Sileage Dove Bonanza!

    The big dairy farm south of me has chopped sileage like crazy over the past month, and the doves are pouring in like nothing I've ever seen before. There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of doves utilizing these fields right now. So yesterday I picked up a box of shells and went out for a...
  15. Bowhunter57

    Sight preferences, for a hunting handgun?

    I'm going to purchase a Ruger Bisley Hunter, in .44 Mag., for deer hunting. I'm sure it'll get used for coyotes and groundhogs too. I've always been an open sights kind of handgunner, but I've tried crosshair and red dot scopes. My favorite between these two would be the red dot. I had one on...
  16. jagermeister

    PERFECT Timing!

    This was the first September 1st in many years that I didn't get out to shoot either doves, geese, or teal. It was tough to hear of my brother's group shooting 3 limits of doves in just under 2 hours, or of Jake whacking 4 limits of geese by 7:30... I mean, that's just fuggin lights-out action...
  17. hickslawns

    Hottest ladies in hunting

    Just watching The Wild Outdoors as I finished up my work and was relaxing while catching up on TOO. I have never seen or heard of Holly Wiltse before. Just watched her kill a 160" buck with bow. She is a sexy lady. Red hair, sexy voice, pretty face, and she hunts. Wow! Seems every time I...
  18. "J"

    Hunting opportunities Young and Old.....

    Found this and if some of it is a repeat of previous posts I apologize but saw this and figured I'd pass it along especially since one of them is for the youngins...
  19. Gern186

    Stupid things I've heard on hunting shows

    Ok, with all the hunting shows on TV these days, there sure seems to be a lot of dumb or annoying things and comments that guys say or do in regards to hunting. For example...guy sitting in a treestand takes a shot at a deer and the arrow hits the deer far back.....the guy looks at the...
  20. "J"

    Special Deer hunting lotteries

    Found this on their FB page and figured I'd pass it a long in case someone missed it..... http://www.ohiodnr.com/home_page/NewsReleases/tabid/18276/EntryId/2946/ODNR-Offers-Special-Deer-Hunts-on-Seven-State-Nature-Preserves.aspx