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need a hunting buddy


Junior Member
Hey everyone. New here and new to the Trumbull county area. Just wondering if there's anyone out there looking for a hunting buddy or someone to just point me in the direction of any decent hunting grounds. Moved up this way for work and don't have the time to make the 3 hour drive to where I've hunted the past 5 years. Just looking to get an idea of the area or to tag along on some hunts. Any sort of knowledge would be extremely helpful. Thanks a lot and happy hunting!


*Supporting Member*
Same here, I'm from down in the Dayton/Cincy area - but welcome to the site and best of luck finding someone from that area to hang with. This place is like Tinder for non-gay appropriate hunting buddy relationships - I've got buddys all over now.


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Columbiana County
Since the seasons is in I'd concentrate on mosquito lake public land as well as grand river... Fairly close and still holds decent numbers for public land....

Take it for what you want as this is not my personal account, but My dad hunted grand river exclusively for a couple years. He spent countless hours in those woods scouting and hunted when he had the time off work. He said that he has seen more deer on that piece of land than any other public or private land that he has had the chance to hunt. as far as location, i cant help you cause i dont know. As any other public place you have to be willing to get in deep. He never ran into other bow hunters in the couple years he bowhunted there but he also didnt walk 500 feet into the woods from his truck. hes in his 50's and still covers the ground necessary. Had he not purchased a piece of land closer to home this year he would still be hunting there. We cut up our own deer as long as the weather is cold enough and we have the time, but trumbull meatlocker is a good processor if you need one!