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Checkin' in from Gallipolis


Junior Member
Hello Folks... new to TOO and Ohio! Finding a lot of differences in the regs re: Deer Hunting... going to be quite an adjustment for me, having been a lifelong rifleman and now finding Ohio does not allow rifle hunting. Shotguns only... of course, I will abide by the law as always but I must say, it doesn't make any sense to me for this to be a statewide requirement. Anyways, since I'm "not from around here", looks like I'll be researching public hunting lands and hoping for Dame Fortune to smile on me... good luck to everyone this year, stay safe and enjoy the land... :smiley_coolpeace:


*Supporting Member*
Columbiana County
Welcome too TOO.... Don't abandon the rifle hunting quite yet.... Pistol Cartridge Rifles are being voted on this season.... Straight walled only though....


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Stark County
Welcome to TOO. I moved to Ohio from Washington State about 10 years ago so I know exactly what you're going through. I grew up hunting deer with an old .270 bolt action, shotguns were for water foul, upland game and home invaders. At first I was fairly annoyed about not being able to hunt deer with modern rifle in Ohio but now I see it as an open door to the world of archery and our four month bow season. I still won't shoot at a deer with a shot gun, rifled barrel or not, so I went out and picked up a nice little muzzle loader for our week of gun season and that does the job pretty darn good and for some reason, is much more rewarding than my old Marlin was anyway.