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Ok too I need help understatement there a close female family friend enjoys shooting very new to it want to get her a pistol she wants pink anything out there besides tiger lcs9 want to get her a 9mm thanks
Any info on brocks medical issue.. Brock and I go way back and I would like to send him a message - but don't want to say the wrong thing. - thanks
Hi joe having trouble logging in on my tablet get aw snap on half the sites i got bookmarked don't know what to do
Hey Tim just following up on your message about the charter. Did you get my response?

Thanks Chad
Hay buddy . Lost your phone number when my phone died . The guy across the road , adam . Had his ground timberd. Plenty of fire wood there . I can fix ya up if you need some place to cut wood close .
Hey Jamie hope you and Nancy are well - Kathie Gibson is going to have lung reduction surgery tmorrow in columbus - guess she will be in hospital 5 days - she has been doing procedures for several months to get ready for the surgery - later - geezer
doing well, and I hope you are, too. thanks for the heads up.
Hey Jamie hope you and Nacey are well. Do you have Brock Ratcliffs phone number? Thanks
Hoots Dad passed away last night
thanks for the info, Geezer. I actually saw him out a week or so ago on the way out to my property to get firewood. first time I've talked to him in person in a couple of years. told me his dad had Alzheimers pretty bad.