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What's good TOO?


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SW Ohio
My wife and I had a great date night last night. We saw Kenny here 4 years ago which was the last time he was here. He gave an unbelievable performance as he did last time and Carly Pearse(local girl from Taylor Mill) did great as the opening act.


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North Central Ohio


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NW Ohio
Sat out racing this weekend. Spent $12 on general admission to watch the local race with Sprint cars this weekend. Tim Allison Memorial. His grandson ran a tribute car with half car in one paint scheme and other half in another paint scheme his grandpa used to run. Tim was my neighbor. He died just over a year ago. This was the first season for his grandson and his grandson went from 9th to 3rd in the b-main to make his first feature ever. Pretty cool to see. Give you goosebumps feeling.

Saturday was Lima Half Mile motorcycle races. It is a national and a big show. Wife and I rode my dad's Triumph out there. (I bought it off mom, but still consider it my dad's.) Cool to see the good annual show. Kody Kopp won the single class. Young kid. Chip off the old block. His dad win the big show 3 times at Lima before he retired. Came home. Zonked out. Woke this morning to see my wife had moved some things off the cedar chest. In doing so she revealed a Joe Kopp autographed shirt and Chairs Carr autographed shirt from 15-20 years ago. My mom had given them to me. I guess I never found a place to put them and they were left on the cedar chest. It was eerie as they were my dad's and it was like dad revealed them to us. I know he didn't, but sure was a strange coincidence.