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Just received a text this morning and then had a phone call (over signal) from one of my best friends from my time in. He's still in and in Arifjan awaiting his ride to our team at where they're currently deployed. He and I were very close and deployed together 6 years ago. Literally 6 years ago in just a few days.

It brought back a wave of memories and feelings.

I know in my heart my being out is the best thing for my family and i know there are others that can do the same job(s) i did but man do i miss it sometimes. Not the suck, but my team and the role we play(ed).


The two on my right are my boys, just turned 7 and 13 and the oldest is now taller than my wife and the one who got his first deer/buck lady youth season.

I knew my team was continuing on and was deployed and that got me but this friend and brother going backv really hit me hard.

Thanks for reading and thanks for having a place i can vent because my wife truly doesn't get it, i called her and her response was thank God you're not still in i couldn't deal with that right now.


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The background he starts with, losing both parents as a child and then he presses on with the narrative. This humble warrior comes thru as a shining example to us all with his understated extraordinary journey. Worth a listen.

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