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Tow rig/daily driver


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Davie County, NC
Been kicking around getting a new truck, wife said quit talking and go do it... So started looking 2 weeks ago. Found a couple on the web in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. After lots of BS and games the WV dealer with the 2021 won out. The other dealers were pimping the 2020’s. Headed too Ohio last Monday too give a buddy a hand on getting his property ready too put up a pole barn, Via Huntington WV. Worked the deal through email and text and showed up and signed the forms and walked out with it. A week later and 1100 miles we’re back home and relaxing.
It replaced my 2014 Tundra, same model but went with the 5.7 vs the 4.6 for the longer tows and heavier loads.


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Jamestown, OH
Went last night and picked up a 2020 GMC 1500. It is the AT4 trim package. Has the 3.0L inline 6 Duramax in it. So far I am pretty impressed with the torque of the diesel. Only drove a 60 mile trip from the stealership to home so far so we will see how she does over time. Now I need to get serious about selling Ole Blue.