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TOO Waterfowl Chronicles


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Central Ohio
Saw a few birds this afternoon but not enough to make me wake up early tomorrow. Blitz was disgusted we didn’t shoot any of the 1,738 seagulls that flew over us. 🤣


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You know the best part of that post? Even though you’re not killing ducks, I can tell just by looking at your picture that you guys are having a great time. More than likely BS’ing, drinking coffee, telling stories, and making fun of one person or another. That’s what I love most about duck hunting and especially duck hunting with good buddies. The enjoyment of the hunt goes well beyond the pulling of the trigger.

That's about how it went down and you're right, the enjoyment of waterfowl goes way beyond pulling the trigger. We saw some birds and scratched out 2 giant Canadas, but it was slow. We made a good memory on the jump shoot we did after we got off the river. Lots of good laughs and some great 4x4 action in my truck wallering it in/out of the slop to cut down on the walk, nearly getting stuck in the process. The camaraderie that comes with waterfowl is nearly unmatched in the outdoors IMO.

Probably ended our last night of waterfowl season 1 short of our two man limit. Fortunately they decided to head back to the roost before dark. We had a single come in and work the spread right after we set up around 4:50 which worked like a charm. After us not getting on any birds for the past 3 weeks, he took two loads and crumpled in the spread. Right when we figured that would be all we saw, we had two big groups come in 10 minutes before sunset. First group read the script and cupped into the decoys. We couldn’t wait on the second group. We dropped 4 out of the first group. Wiffed on our third shots as they were getting out of there and the second grouper turned around. Would have been great to go 3 for 3 and limit on our last night but man it was a blast and left us longing for next year!