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TOO Summer Gathering July 24th - 26th.


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As an FYI we will be up at the pond area noted in the blue circle in the below picture. The pavilion has been used as storage so we will need you to bring a canopy if you have one. There's plenty of space up there. If you're bringing a camper you can park it anywhere around the shelter. Please don't drive over the pond dam to the right. The back area we typically stay at (red circle) had a scheduling conflict with a three gun club. Thanks.

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Sgt Fury

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Southern NJ/Vinton county Ohio
Brisket and pork loins acquired for smoking this weekend in prep for next. 👍

Anyone attending that has a bug-out-bag they keep handy, we're going to do an EDC/pack dump sometime Saturday. Guys can dump their pockets and packs to talk lights, knives, guns, holsters, packs, first aid, etc. Come prepared!
Post pics on this thread or create another for it if you could. I’d be very interested to see what people carry and why.👍