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TOO Projects Thread


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I can deal with the leaking oil, doesn’t bother me. Good luck on finding what you want, most are shitty now with the power end.


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It is super messy lol I told my wife that when the Her brother and I was done taking it down it looked like we just got done cutting coke . I promised my wife that I’d drywall everything when we bought the house. It’s a lot of work but I know it’s worth it in the end.

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Keep up the good work. You will be so satisfied when it is all done knowing you did it yourself.
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Fucking around is over with. Local dealer gives you a 2-year all-inclusive warranty with the purchase of a saw and 6-pack of oil. I'll be out $200 on the trade, but I'm happy with 10% more power and the proper color of orange being my go to now. Plus I still bought local and bought off someone I know, so I'm a conscious consumer. 👍

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nobody ever gonna sell me anything but Stihl and Honda power equipment. I'm going to get a small saw for limbs and stuff. the farm boss is a bit heavy for much of the sawing I have to do.

I bought a 290 Farm boss when we moved out here 19 years ago. I have run the absolute dogshit out of this saw, and it runs like a champ every time I pull the rope. I am gonna need to buy a new bar for it soon, though. I did have the carb rebuilt on my Stihl trimmer a few years ago, but again, I've had that thing for 19 years and run it hard, even with a saw blade on it a few times. never a hiccup from my Stihl commercial backpack leaf blower. I did kill one hand held Stihl leaf blower, but my blowers do pull double duty as I use them at home and at work about equal amounts.


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Not sure if I posted these or not, but I went a little crazy at Rural King for mother’s day. My wife loves doing yard work but always complained about starting equipment, fuel and the noise...solved those issues by buying her the trimmer, weed eater, blower and pole saw. So far she seems to really like them, I’ll report back over the years on how they hold up.

Added bonus is that the kids like to use them!


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Mt. Cory Hancock County


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Just a couple of projects I'm working on and plan to have complete in the next month or so. I got my hands on 30 rail road ties in which I will be making a shooting bunker for plinking and sighting in behind the house. This will be roughly 6ft tall and shaped like the top of an octagon. Once I have the ties staked with rebar, Im dumping several tons of sand in front of the ties. This will be a 200 yard range.
The second project is a temperament blind build that I'm doing out of reclaimed 2x4, 2x6, and plywood from work. I've already painted the interior walls black and working on cutting list for the walls. I'll get pictures up as I get further along. If anything this will help pass the time until the opener.