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TOO Hall of Fame Inductee: "Deuce Revisited..."


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Five years ago today, we lost a good one. The lessons I learned from this whole ordeal carry on today. I just hope I get to hunt a deer of this caliber again one of these days...
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I'm a late comer to this thread, just read threw it twice. Not being able to add anything new , I'm not sure if I should be replying. Maybe its a way to keep Deuce's memory alive. Jesse, I hope you someday do get that chance to get him back. Don't believe for one second that your the only one that has shead a tear over Deuce and his story. Alot of guys don't show there emotions let alone write about them. By doing so, it gives Deuce the respect he deserves.


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I turned to my buddy and said, “It’s him. Dude, it’s him.”

10 years ago tonight, I uttered those words. The lessons I learned during that process have persisted to this very moment. I still wrestle with knowing I have hunted the largest deer of my life and that will likely never change. There are so many variables involved in killing the buck of a lifetime and all it takes is one minivan to alter the best-laid plans for eternity.

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Knowing your history with the guy who owns the rack, he is unlikely to sell it to you...perhaps you could find someone who knows this guy and make another cash offer. I’m guessing he’s 27 or 28 years old by now and I’m sure he has bills to pay...something he didn’t have when he was in high school. Good luck! The rack should be with someone who respects the game and put in all of that time and effort pursuing that buck.


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This story has a special place to me and I’ve never commented until now. As I sat in the blind this evening with one of my own kids, this was on my mind. The trial and error, joy and misery, good times and bad, pursuit and failures that come with deer hunting is really something learned. Not anything you can read about. Something you have to live through to really understand. As I looked at my daughter I wasn’t sure if I was spoiling her and setting her up for failure. I will continue to do what I can to have fun with her and let her learn the ropes. I know it’ll crush me when she starts to learn the bad times, probably more then her.

Jesse, we’ve all said great things over the years about your ability to put thoughts to paper. This is no exception and has rendered me speechless for years. You also have a great ability to listen to others and keep an open mind. I seriously look forward to your retirement days when you have more time to put together life and share it with others. You have a gift.

After years of avoiding comment, I’m not sure I shared much more then a ramble, but it’s all I got. Take it for what it’s worth.

Life is about lessons, some hurt more then others.
I've read this a few times, but have never known what to say. I remember the day I met you for the first time at Ohio Power. I didn't know you from Adam, but after a very short conversation I knew you had a real passion for pursuing whitetails.

I remember reading about Deuce and Captain Jack like it was yesterday. To think ten years has passed is hard to believe. I, along with many others were rooting for you every day. I truly wish it had turned out differently.

The ending of your hunt for Deuce is heartbreaking to say the least. For that kid to act as though he killed such a monarch in fair chase is very low IMO.


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Centerburg, Ohio
Yeah good stuff man. Reading about Captain Jack and tuning in to see if you shot him was a big part of why I got hooked on TOO.

I’ve hunted deer with a gun a couple times a year for over 20 years now. About four years ago (5?) I bought a crossbow and stumbled onto this site. Been hooked ever since and it took hunting to a whole new level. I am grateful for everything I’ve learned on here and everything I’m still learning.

The way people help each other on here and the way some of these incredibly talented hunters share thier knowledge is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. There’s a few gifted writers on here and you’re definitely one of em. Thanks!