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TOO Garden Thread

Looking good buddy!

I finished mine up today with a final planting of cucumbers and beans. Getting a good soaking tonight, so everything should take off well this week. View attachment 79434
That’s a lot of area to keep weed free. Do you put grass clippings down? I used to do it in my garden and it not only kept the weeds down, but helps keep the ground moist. Then at the end of the season, I’d rototill everything under to put nutrients back into the ground.
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I covered my entire garden with polyethylene tarps Thursday at 7 in the morning before it rained another half inch here. uncovered it four hours later, and by the end of the day Friday I was able to till it up pretty well. it was about 85% as dry as I would have wanted, and I had to wrestle with the tiller a bit, but I got it turned over. we got all the important stuff planted Saturday. like to killed us, but we got her done. had a very heavy rain here yesterday morning. good to go. (y)


6 varieties of tomatoes, 5 varieties of peppers, pole beans, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cukes, zukes, shallots. we also started about 8 asparagus crowns a few weeks ago. we won't have asparagus for a couple more years, but I'll expand that end of the garden when they take off.


still have basil to between the tomato plants and marigolds for the entire perimeter. I'll let the gardener handle that. :cool:


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13/16 or 81% germination rate on the boys sunflower seeds so far. The seeds are provided by a local group to the elementary school for a fun contest the next school year. Got to figure out a good way to protect them until they are about a foot tall, lost 50% last summer to the tops being bitten off by deer/birds/who knows what.

Here is all who participated last summer and entered one into the contest this past October.
Not gardening but this is the closest thread I could find....I had a beautiful white birch tree...two years ago I noticed a couple small holes in the trunk and they began leaking a black fluid. Some branches died off. I trimmed the branches back and the next year the holes reappeared along with the seeping fluid. Last fall I trimmed the branches back even further but this spring the tree never budded. It was dead. For some reason, white birch are hard to grow in this area. It’s a shame because the hummingbirds loved hanging out in it. I’m leaving it through the summer so they have a place to perch but will remove it this fall and replace with something that looks good but won’t grow too big. Anyone have an idea as to what killed this tree? @hickslawns or maybe someone who works with landscaping/nursery stock have any ideas? Here is what the tree looks like now. You can still see the stains from the seeping even though it’s been almost a year.