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Something to do with leg shanks


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Who likes beans?
Here's an excellent article and recipe for cowboy beans -

I actually ran across this on YouTube, then went to the website to print out the recipe.
The beans with the hamhock is awesome.
So last night, instead of a hamhock or soupbone, I used a couple of deboned venison front shanks.
When the beans were done, I took the shanks out and used two forks to tear it apart (like pulling pork) and tossed the good stuff back in the beans.



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Damn that sounds good! I'll bet a fellow could smoke those venison shanks before cooking them for flavoring stock. :unsure: I don't think I've ever bought a ham hock or shank that was not smoked, and that smokey goodness is where it's at for making stock for bean soup of any kind. or for cooking your fresh green beans from the garden.
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