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Remington Versa Max modifications...


Senior Member
Allen County
I made some modifications to my Remington Versa Max and now it's ready for goose season. :cool: 💯

  • The larger charging handle will help getting the action open with ease.
  • The enlarged release button helps with getting the action closed quickly.
  • The Sightmark Mini Dot has been a great improvement for faster/easier target acquisition.
  • The Patternmaster Code Black Goose extended choke tube produces excellent patterns for long range.
  • Cut off the 2 prongs on the shell lift plate. This makes it much easier for quick reloads with or without gloves. 💯 I rounded off the sharp edges with a fine file.
The prongs were "fork like" and were constantly catching on my thumb or gloved thumb and was doing some damage to me or my gloves. :rolleyes: Obviously, this was slowing things down and creating problems.

I've ran this setup at a few sporting clay events with a Light Modified choke tube and it has been very impressive. 👍💯
Versa Max 1.jpg

Versa Max 4.jpg

Versa Max 3.jpg


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Supporting Member
Thanks, but I'll be sitting on this one. I had an all black Versa Max, a few years ago and hunted with it a few times. Then sold it for a down payment on a motorcycle. :rolleyes: I'm attempting to change my evil ways. :sneaky:👍💯
Versa Max is a solid shotgun. I’ve shot them a few times. Kind of a big blocky, chunky feel in my opinion, but they run very reliably and point very well!