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Reloading stuff

I have a friend whose dad passed away and he is looking to sell all of his reloading stuff. Everything for rifles and some hand guns, book, dies, presses, tools, pretty everything you would need, scale, tumbler.

Any interest, I am getting pictures, also any id what it is worth.


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Looks like he's got a good batch of RCBS tools and dies there - and a bunch of measuring calipers and such - bought new you've got at least $1k of goodies there.
If you sold the whole lot for $250-300 the right guy would be getting a helluva deal.
Might be worth $100 to your buddy just to get the stuff moved.
Problem with a deal like that is that some of the stuff may not work as good as new.
hell, I don't know.
To generate interest your buddy should list the specific caliber dies available - looks like one is 7.62x39 and another .308

My kids are gonna have the same problem to deal with someday LOL.
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You got a good amount of stuff to get someone new into reloading. Guys that already reload will only be interested in pieces like the dies and maybe measuring devices that they dont yet have. Most of it seems to be older RCBS which will last multiple lifetimes but they are older models. Would be great for family/friend deal to take everything for a few hundred.


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Definitely too high. Dies can be bought for $40-$60 each new, I think I paid around $250 for a single stage press (can’t really remember it was around 10 years ago), the books are about $20 each new however those look pretty old so they might be missing newer calibers/powders. If your friend can’t use it himself I’d post it for around $300 and take the first offer between 200-300.


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You would have to find a sucker or piece it out to get that out of it. New rock chucker kit is under $300. The new reloader isnt gonna be interested in the majority of that stuff and a reloader is gonna have most of that already. I'd venture to guess you need a new reloader to buy the press and basic equipment and someone already reloading for the rest of the stuff. But they wont be looking to pay new prices for old out of date equipment.

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I agree with what others have already said...$1000 is too much..you can get new for less. Add to the fact that it is older, and not knowing if everything is in good shape, is all the more argument for someone buying new. With that being said, $300 would be a great deal for both parties involved, and the buyer can still purchase the dies that he doesn’t have.