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Problems already

A couple minutes ago I looked outside to see how hard it was raining and I see a light on my driver's side mirror of the new Dodge Ram. It is a very dim light. I've tried everything to turn it off with no luck. Anybody have a clue what this might be? That's all I need is to wake up in the morning to dead battery.


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Sunbury, OH
It shouldn't keep you from starting the vehicle. Most cars now have a feature that keeps it from going completely dead....my 06 durango does.

I spoke with a tech at the dealer. He said it is a computer update. WTF??? Check that shit before I take the truck off the lot. The dealer is 45 minutes away. It is the closest as all Dodge and Chrysler dealers in my area have shut down. I'm just as pissed about the gas it's going to take to have them do what should've already been done.
I tried that. They claim it's a warranty issue that had nothing to do with inspection.
I just want to get past this and enjoy my truck. Between shopping, buying, and now this... It's been a stressful few weeks.
Im starting to question my luck as if late. Gall bladder out, Rec room water break, wisdom teeth out, new Ram malfunctions. WTF?


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Cotty, I've been watching your new truck threads with interest, as I'm in the market for pretty much the same thing (truck, 4wd, 4 door <I have to be able to get my parents in it to take to the store weekly, so a single cab is out for me....unless I let the wife drive it one day a week>, with a tow package).

I went to the Carshow in Cincy and looked at all the different brands, and for me it's down to Ford and Toyota.
GM and Dodge are out because of my distaste regarding the bailouts and distrust of their quality.

But that being said, my coworker just ran a Dodge truck for 12 yrs and 300K. Musta got one made when the planets were lined up just right.
I love the appearance, the ride, the interior, the comfort, the space. It is a NICE truck! Man does it look good.
The door thing, I hope, was just a minor hoop I had to jump through and whine about.

It's TOO early to tell, but I think I might the right decision.

With that said, my old Tacoma was a great truck and I'm going to miss it. If it weren't for wanting a big boy truck I would've kept it. You can't argue with the quality if a Toyota truck. At 73k miles I never had an issue.

I have two buddies with F150's. They're happy with them. To each his own.