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Political bullshit


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Grove City
Just an observation.

If you think these riots will make gun control a non-issue I have some bad news for you. It won't.

Not only will it not go away, it will get worse. Much worse. The narrative will be that those evil assault rifles must be banned because the only reason a white person could want one is to threaten, intimidate, and murder those peaceful black protesters and looters. Clearly this can't be allowed to happen, and since we can't call on the police to protect us, we simply have to protect ourselves by making access to these evil weapons impossible. Oh...and if you pass this legislation, we might decide to stop agitating as much in your state for a few months.

Owning an AR is racist.

Hey Ive got a great idea...lets call a constitutional convention to discuss the entire 2nd amendment while we're at it. How many of you are confident the majority of state govts would make the right choice? I know for almost a fact that they would buckle like a cheap card table.