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Over The Years & Current 2016!

Thanks guys. I went in this morning at 8:30 and walked for 3 hours gridding the area out. Did 5.6 miles and didn't find anything. That's enough for today, I'm pooped.

Not sure if anyone else uses an App called Map my Run, but I turn it on when I start walking and it makes a complete map with everywhere you walk that is pretty darn detailed and accurate.
Neat to look at all the spots I've walked over there year and to highlight spots I may have missed on a property.

Check it out, it's free.
Walked for 2.5 hours early this morning and while I saw a nice bachelor group of 4 shedded bucks, I dident find a single bone.
Better luck next time right?
I did get some awesome photos though, brought along the Nikon this time.