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Over The Years & Current 2016!

Today was a bust. Walked from 10-1 broke for lunch then picked up in a brand new spot that an old timer gave me and my brother permission to shed hunt and walked this massive property for 5 hours strait. Not a single shed. Killer ass spot though! Saw 21 deer and the only one sporting bone was a spike.
Today was a great day, despite having only found 1 in about 3.5 hours. I stumbled downstream and rounded a corner to HEAR that familiar sound of a bucks horns thrashing in a tree. I got down on my belly and sure enough watched a nice 8 pt with both sides in tact working a scrape! Couldn't believe my eyes. After the tunnel vision disappeared I noticed another FINE -one sided 5 point just ten yards from him! I was WISHING I had lugged my Nikon back with me because I would have had stellar photos...
I laid there on my belly for about 25 minutes and watched 3 more bucks follow closely behind them with all of their head gear off and massive holes in their heads. They looked to have shedded a while ago.. All 5 bucks were making their way down stream in my direction, luckily the wind was right in my face the entire time. As they passed within 40 yards I snapped a couple iPhone photos and watched them join up with 6 does that were apparently directly behind me on the ridge about 100 yards back.


Oh! AND I laid eyes on the first velvet buck of the year. He had 2 inches of velvet, very large bases growing already!

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Now that's cool. I don't think I'd believed it without the pics either, lol! Thanks for sharing, almost felt like I was there when reading it.
Hell, I wouldn't have believed it either without pictures! lol
It was probably the coolest darn encounter I've had with a bachelor group of bucks.
This was right on the border of Medina County and Cuyahoga County.
After seeing all these deer with their head gear still hanging on, I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to re-walk all my spots. Oh well, explains why I haven't found much yet this year...