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Official TOO Catch Thread

I've tried explaining to guys up here how delicious flatheads are. Just lime zippering a walleye fillet clean, once you clean up flathead fillets, thay are every bit as good as walleye. Although I've never had blue cat, I have hears their meat is really white and flaky too. I dont mind channel cats if their smaller. They get a bit strong as they grow, which is why we always smoked any over 4-5lbs
Blues are excellent eating. Especially the smaller range, they have cotton white meat. Also get a decent belly yield off them but you as re correct. Nothing compares to the flathead.
Caught 14 last night on jugs. Mostly blues with a couple channels and a really nice flathead thrown in. Biggest blue and the flathead come off a small life bream. All else come off cut herring. Kept an experimental gar to eat. I hear the meat is very good and to my suprise it wasn't that hard to clean. Gonna have a good supper of fried belly meat, cheeks, and gar.
Went last night to get some for the freezer. Ended up with a pretty nice box of fish despite the shorter trip due the wind kicking up. Water temp was 83 and fish were caught a various depths most under 15 ft. All but two come off jugs tipped with cut herring. The flathead took a small bream on a Carolina rig. Good night with a good friend and made for a fantastic supper tonight with my family.
I was going to run home and shoot my recurve at lunch but parking is all jacked up at work due to repaving a lot. What was already cutthroat parking is even worse with a lot closed. I wasn't about to move my car, and realized I still had my creek fishing pack and a 3wt fly rod in the car from Saturday. I hopped on my mountain bike and hit the river for half an hour. I picked up several small crappies and a 15" spotted bass. Thought it was a smallie until it got up to the surface.

Tried a lake yesterday i haven't fished in years. Did ok but it took me forever to find shad. Finally got shad caught costing me some valuable fishing time. The bite was on as soon as we started but when it quit it quit. 17 total mostly blues with cut gizzard shad being the bait of choice. Fish caught at various depths. Not bad for a daytime trip in the 95 degree heat.
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Took dad out Thursday before his pacemaker procedure on friday to try and get his mind off it. They added a 3rd wire and he was worried about the procedure. The last time he had a heart procedure he got a complete blockage of his aorta and things got really scary really fast. Glad i could put the old man on a good fish before the procedure since he will be out of commission for a couple months. He came out just fine by the way!!!
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