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Nice weekend for some walking!


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NW Ohio
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Still packing. Young and old. Both bucks and does are checking (what I believe to be) the main scent licking branch on the property. I didn't notice the scrape opened up, but they check that licking branch all year from what I can tell.


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SW Ohio
I flew home after work to squeeze in a quick 45 minute brisk walk in a huge ass winter wheat field not far from the house and saw two bucks amongst a group of does skirting the far edge about 500-600 yards away. The smaller buck lost one side but the nice narrow to the ears 8-10 point still had both sides. I didn't try to get any closer and watched them for 15 minutes trying to size him up better. Just couldn't at that distance but his g2's appeared to be 10-12" and his g3's in the 7-8" range. He has nice brows but could tell how long but I'd say he's a 130's gross buck at least. His rack was very white also.

He was still acting like a frisky rutting buck though! He approached the smaller buck as if he wanted to spar several times and the lil feller wanted no part of it. Gonna go back there and search again next week or at least glass that spot again. He'll prolly cast them suckers off in another month or two when the wheat stands up to your knee or better, that's how they roll down here in the SW! :smiley_baby: rotflmao