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Look Out Hims Country.


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Freaking disgrace.

Kane Brown got lost on his own property for seven hours, and had to call the police to be rescued. This was one of the revelations that came from the 26-year-old pop country star’s recent interview with fellow country star Jana Kramer, who apparently now works for the junk food entertainment show, Extra!

“I heard a rumor that you got lost in your house, in your property. Is that true?” Jana Kramer asks (see below), stirring visions of Spinal Tap getting turned around backstage.

“Yeah, we got lost for seven hours,” Kane explains. We have 30 acres, and it’s all woods. And we made our own trail. And it started raining, and it started getting dark, and we started running out of gas, and we couldn’t find our trail back. We live by all these cliffs, so everywhere we tried to go and we thought we were getting somewhere, we’d run into a drop off. So we ran into a drop off, so we ended up having to call the cops, and walking down.”