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Live from the stand 2021/22


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Amish neighbor shot a giant this morning


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Unfortunately no private to gun hunt on, and not comfortable hunting public during gun season, so I bow hunted a piece of archery only public this morning. Saw three nice sized doe inside 30 yards but never had a really clear shot otherwise I’d have been filling the freezer
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My sit didn't last long, everything was quiet as a church mouse. I had a project I needed to do while the weather is nice. I have a snowblower & the snow shute blocks the light. I've always wanted to do something about that. I ordered a bridge rectifier & some capacitators a while back & never got around to installing a new light. TOOday was the day. Afro American engineering at its finest !

I did go back out to the other popup & a doe & fawn walked in @ 5p. They didn't stay long.


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Nw oh
First evening skunk of the year but got this cool picture on the way into the house.

that is left to right: Jupiter, Saturn & Venus.

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I was wondering what i was looking at coming in and now i know . We saw 2 small does 4 fawns feeding 200yds out the last 30 mins. I guess we are buck only on my ground as both girls said no if theyd came in closer until we see start seeing some older does. Great by me.