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Lever action rifles


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S.W. Ohio
I've always loved cowboy guns and swore I would own one. Whether I ever get to use it for hunting or any other reason, I want one.
I would like your thoughts on brand, caliber, iron sights, scope, red dot etc. I have a few in my mind but would like your thoughts. I like the look of the Henry Model X.

But also like the look of the traditional ones as well.

I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback.


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Another vote for Henry, with Ruger and Winchester deserving their own mention. I ended up with my Garden Gun due to a similar wanting for a western style firearm.
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NE Ohio
I have older Marlins and Winchester.

Although the one is drilled/tapped
I always end up taking the scope and base off as it seems like I'm violating the period even though I know they had scopes in the late 1800’s.

Its a “romance” thing. For the same reason I only shoot cloth patch and ball in the flintlock.

When the grand day comes and you get yours, remember to only load it with wad cutters or levelelution ammo with the polymer tips. It’s dangerous to stack round nose rounds on top of the center fire primers in the tube.
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I have two lever guns, but cannot offer an opinion since I have never fired either of them. (n)

One of them is a like new Rossi .44mag that I bought from Ted Young that I would be happy to sell to you for what I gave Ted for it.


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I had a Win 9422, amazingly fun 22, but i sold it because it was worth too damn much. Slightly regret that.

I had a marlin 1894ss in 44 mag that i liked but i couldn't ever get it to shoot as well as i wanted and sold it recently at an auction.

I have a pre safety Marlin 444 and it's really nice, love hunting with that round. I have a 1.25-4x scope on it. Works great.

My brother has an early Remlin (remington made Marlin) that is quite nice in 45-70, but others I've seen are horrendous in fit and finish. He also has a Henry in 45-70, which is not as fun to shoot because of the damn brass butt plate but man is it a looker and they both shoot well.

My father has a Marlin 39a that he didn't take care of, i think I'm gonna commandeer it and get it refinished, it's not worth much in its current shape but it is so much fun to shoot.

My father in law has a 39a (i think? ) in 22mag and its hell on groundhogs around farm buildings.

If Marlin stick with JM marked barrels.
Otherwise have fun.

I do have a Ruger super black hawk in 44mag and its fun also.


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Ross Co., OH
I've shared mine inside the media album part of the site a long time ago. and within one of my hunt journals, just don't remember what year exactly.

Anyhow, I wouldn't change a thing about the one I have, which is a 74 Marlin 30-30. I prefer that style of rifle for many different things. I keep it next to the bed every night too.

Good luck in getting what you're looking for! They're beautiful lifelong rewarding guns to have, imo.


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Sgt Fury

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I’ve owned a lever action 30-30 and a .22….both were fun to shoot. I used to put birdshot shells in the .22 and go over to my buddies barn to shoot rats. The only rifles I have now are either bolt action or semi auto. Henry makes great guns as does Winchester. Can’t go wrong with either….just need to decide if you want it for deer hunting or squirrels/plinking. You’ll probably get more usage out of a .22 cal.


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Well, I guess the main question here is: does it have to be a straight walled cartridge?? I would assume so since you live in Ohio... If this is the case I'd check out a Henry 45/70 as pictured below... The caliber being that of a 45/70 will take care of a lot of big game...

If being a straight walled cartridge is not an issue.. Then I'd try and find an older model Marlin stamped "JM" in 35 Remington... They are sought after and can be pricey... However they are one of the best brush guns ever produced and usually drop a deer where he stands. That 200 grain bullet packs a ton of punch... I've got several in both 35 and 30/30...


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Henry. American made, no safety and lifetime warranty. They make several different models and finishes. The big boys are pretty but like Doug mentioned the brass butt plate can be slippery. As for accessories , ranger point precision makes them all from mlok rails, peep sights and micro red dot mounts. That little golden boy 22 you we’re playing with at strouds is just to much fun to play with, but you need more than that so buy one of each!


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