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Knee Replacement

it will be well worth the pain, it can be a real game changer
just do the PT, work on range of motion as well as extension. I really like bike riding it has helped me a bunch.
they used to control pain much better but because of the drug crisis they can only prescribe a small amount of pain killers.
my last one i could only get 28 pills a week. 5 years ago they would send me home with 60.

Big H

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LOL, I am doing pretty good. I graduated from the walker to a cane this past weekend, so that is good. Still dealing with swelling and pain, but the drugs help with that. I was past 90 degrees bend last week, home health care PT said I will most likely start out patient at the clinic next week. Overall, things are going well, and they said the surgery went really well. Thanks for asking guys.

I forgot to mention that the ice cooler/ pumper thing is my best friend.
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