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Iowa_Buckeyes 2018 sheds


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Linn County Iowa
Shea and I made it out again this past Saturday. It was a misty/crappy day, but she did not mind one bit!

We ended up finding 4 small ones, and a busted off long tine. We believe we know what buck the tine is from and assume it has been laying there since November.

The first one we found was right in the middle of the 2-track just off our north plot. It was pushed/frozen into the ground, so I assume it had been hit by a quad in the weeks prior.

IMG_7885.jpg IMG_7886.jpg

The second was also just off a quad trail in the middle of the timber.

IMG_7890.jpg IMG_7893.jpg

We then stumbled across the broken tine. It was also just off the quad path as you enter the first plot on the front of the farm. We have had to have driven past this one over 100 times since last fall....

IMG_7895.jpg IMG_7896.jpg

We then found this one (Shea spotted it!!) in a grassy field, also from the saddle of the quad. We were trying to match up a nice 5 point side my buddy found last week.

IMG_7899.jpg IMG_7900.jpg


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Linn County Iowa
Sort of late for a 'shed' post, but I got lazy and quit updating this as we went along this spring.

Shea and I ended up with 18 (sheds or parts of sheds). My buddy who also hunts the farm ended up with 47 from there!!!

Yesterday we finally got them all together. I took mine to his place so we could match the sets up and take a few pics.

The first pic is his 'pile' on the left and mine on the right.

Second pic is the sets we could match up for certain.

Third pic is of the bigger singles we never found the other side of. There were also a few others we didn't even find a single side of..... I assume most of them shed off the farm.

We had quite a few young 140/150 class bucks last fall. This year should be dynamite!



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SW Ohio
Unbelievable you found that many between you and your hunting partner on your farm. Many dandy quality deer on top of that! Glad to see your hard work to draw and hold deer is paying off for you guys...👍🏻

That nice fork at the bottom of his side in the first pic is really cool looking. It’d make a heck of a sling shot!😂


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Lmao, I edited it. Still doesn’t sound any better when you say it like that though😂. It’d be interesting to see if it grew the same again this year.
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