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Iowa_Buckeyes 2018 sheds


Junior Member
Linn County Iowa
I don't typically find a whole bunch of sheds, but Shea has been asking me to go this year and we have had some luck. So I figured I would share.

Our first outing was last Saturday. We found an old skull, then a bit later I spotted a pretty good one off in the brush. I wanted her to 'find' it, so I suggested she head that direction and she found it. She was super excited to say the least! I was a good 4 point side (58 inches) off a 3 year old we call 'Daisy'. She carried it around with her the rest of the day and could not wait to show her mom and sister.




Pic of Daisy.


Then last Wednesday I was at the farm to go ice fishing with a buddy. I got lucky and spotted this one from my quad as I was cutting across one of our food plots. It is also off of another 3 year old and my buddy had already picked up his other side a few days earlier. This one was about 64 inches.



Give me a few minutes and I'll put together today's report....


Junior Member
Linn County Iowa
Today we only had a few hours as her sister had a soccer game at 1.

We spent the first hour or so putting around on the quad where daddy thought would be best, then I finally gave in to her to go look along the creek she had been wanting to walk (turns out she was right...).

I snapped this quick pic as I was above her on the ridge as we headed down the creek.


Just about 15 steps later I spotted this.


I knew immediately it was the other side of Daisy. I wanted her to find it again, so we worked our way on down the creek and then back up along the ridge where she found it (69 inches).




After that we stayed up on the ridge and just a few minutes later she yelled 'Daddy, I found 1! No, there are 2!' I really couldn't believe it and headed down to see them.

https://youtu.be/LsZvvCVKCps (don't even ask what I am saying as I walk down the hill, as I don't know. Incoherent gibberish as I could't believe she actually found them on her own!)




As it turns out, these antlers have been laying there since last year. They are from a deer we called the Big 7. Actually I thought the deer I bow shot this year was him, but realized it wasn't after he was dead on the ground. We are pretty sure who he is this past year (a 140s 8). Hopefully Shea finds this year's sheds, and maybe gets a crack at him this fall!

Not sure it we go out next weekend or not. The cam report today shows most are still carrying, but I'll update this with any more luck we may have!