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Indian considers a primitive ML season.


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Mahoning Co.
From another forum. I said last year if they were going to have the early doe season make it like this.

Below, is the language of the proposed primitive muzzleloader season for Indiana. Below that are the comments I sent them.
In sending those comments, it appears that you need not be an Indiana resident to do so. I would appreciate it if as many as possible send a comment. The sport needs it.

(f) During the primitive muzzleloader season established in section 4(i) of this rule, an individual may
hunt deer only with a muzzleloading long gun as follows:
(1) Fire black powder or black powder substitute.
(2) Have a traditional, external side-hammer design.
(3) Be capable of being loaded only from the muzzle.
(4) Have a caliber of at least .45.
(5) Be loaded with a bullet at least four hundred forty-thousandths (.440) of an inch diameter.
(6) Have an ignition system that is flintlock or caplock.
(7) Use a lead round ball or lead conical bullet without plastic or other sabot.
(8) Have traditional-style open sights (fixed or adjustable v-notched rear sight, buckhorn rear sight,
metallic rear peep sight, and post or blade front sight).
(9) Not have telescopic or other sights that incorporate glass or electronics.

I applaud the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for proposing a Primitive Muzzleloader season.

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SW Ohio
Just another case of bowing to special interest.
Just as bow hunters wanting to ban crossbow.
Gun hunters wanting to ban early Youth Season.
Muzzleloaders wanting to ban straight line rifles and smokeless powder.


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NW Ohio
You know if this was the extra doe only early muzzle loader season Ohio proposed I would be all about it. Give traditional guys their own season sounds okay. Ohio's proposal is nothing more than another way to decimate the herd.