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How North America was made.


Well stated, I can see where you're coming from but i feel differently about the conclusions.

Reasonable minds can, and will differ. It was actually @Jackalope who very profoundly addressed the idea of an orchestrated existence at the hand of an omnipotent and omnipresent God on here several years ago that comforted me in my beliefs. I'm ultra-pragmatic with 0.1% suspension of disbelief ability, which many here can relate to. I happen to fall on one side of the fence, while many of you fall on the other.


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So I'm neither a believer, nor a denier of a God, or multiple gods. I don't subscribe to any religion and do not trust the Bible as a "controlling document". For me, the watchmaker argument lends itself to believing in an intentionally created world and it's that "orchestrated" creation that I simply don't believe in. I don't profess to know how the world originated, but I definitely don't buy the whole 7 days theory, or Adam and Eve. I believe more in random chance and evolution, but I also believe you get out of this world what you put in, which is the Hippie in me that believes in "energy", which lends itself to a higher power of some degree.

So I'm somewhere in the middle, which is why I'm comfortable being agnostic. I have no strong belief or faith in any one version of origin, creation, and so on. I don't deny the existence of an intelligent designer, and perhaps that's the entity that created the simulation we might be living in, but you won't hear me say I believe the world was a carefully orchestrated creation by one omnipotent spirit.

very well articulated, buddy!

If you are not familiar - I’d look up Pascal’s wager. Ive always felt this is the most simple way for any believer or non, to view a higher power. This of course is without the need to fully commit to the human made and imposed doctrine of any specific religion.

Similar to @Hedgelj - I appreciate your input but do believe in different conclusions based on my experiences and beliefs.


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Just curious if those who don’t believe in God also don’t believe in the devil(satan) and evil spirits doing evil works?

So sorry Jim for being apart of the derailment of such an interesting thread. Thanks for the chuckle in your last post response. Lol
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