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House building

Looking good! Are they drilling holes and running the electric wires as they lay the logs or are they doing something different?
the wiring for the lights in the ceiling have to be run before the flooring deck is out down, because it is run in a routed out grove until it gets to a framed up wall.

There is no void between floors, only heavy timber beams and 2x4 t&g decking.

Also the logs are done, only the first floor walls are logs, the gable ends are framed with log siding
Lots of progress and work around the job site the past couple of days. Interior framing for the first floor, wall for the shed dormer on the second floor, grader came today to do some backfilling, stone mason started on some of the stone work on the basement, we have been staining all the beams for the roof rafters.
crane comes Monday to set the roof system