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Deadly fire


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For those of yall that don't have FB. This is what my sister had to say about tomorrow and the reasoning behind the location. Pretty touching, so skip to the next post if needed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022:
A child's funeral that is deeply rooted with family and inspired by community

💗Just when we felt it was only natural to have Malaki’s services down in Ohio, where all his family is… Petersburg showed us what true community is.

🙏🏼When you look for a home to raise a family, you look for a school where your children will spend most of their day, the people your kids will experience life with, and a community that feels safe and connected in times of celebration and unfortunately tragedy too.

💗So, the funeral arrangements changed… Family will do anything and go anywhere for Malaki. It's now less about us, more about the typical day in the life of Malaki. The friends he laughed with, the buddies he gamed with, the classes he sketched in, the staff he relied on, and ALL the familiar places and faces of the community he called home… Petersburg, Michigan.

🙏🏼Thank you for loving our Malaki and showing us what community is, even when his family hardly had the chance to meet you all. Thank you sooooo much.

💗We’ve brought the funeral/burial to Monroe/Erie and the post-funeral fellowship meal to New Life Church in Petersburg. Funeral arrangements are inspired by the stories of his friends, the memories of the school staff, and the overwhelming support from the community of Petersburg.

🙏🏼So, please join us for all the services and meal, as we all give thanks for the time we DID have with Malaki, while also holding a safe space to be sad for what is no longer.

💗“While we try to teach children all about life, the children teach us what life is all about.”

🧡🐾 Thank you to the students of Summerfield Elementary for teaching us that Malaki was MORE than what he was to just us.

🙏🏼And to the families of Malaki’s friends, who may have never experienced a funeral before, yes this is a closed casket service.

Love you Malaki,
Aunt Jen 💗

Malaki’s Story and arrangements in link below


Village idiot and local whore
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I'm just getting caught up on here I'm sorry man, a few of us on here know what it's like to loose a child or a young family member and it is the worst pain and loneliness anyone can ever feel. Having been through it I wish I could take your guys pain away. As others said take it day by day there will be good and bad.
Thanks Josh. I know this thread has to be extra tough on you guys that have lived this.


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They did something very cool. They treated the casket like a cast and had people write on it. Very special to watch kids sign it like a yearbook. It's been another very long day and I think everyone will sleep good tonight.

Thanks again everyone
As cool as something can be given the circumstances, that is definitely very cool. Somber and maybe surreal, but a very memorable gesture and a solid way to honor someone.