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Deadly fire


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In a bar
Trying to keep us as busy as possible. Demoing the neighbors house.


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Keene, OH
My heart goes out to you Dave. Fire can happen even with preventative measures. My house got hit by lightening, 0035, June 18, 2004 and it burned. I my wife and daughter were in it and got out. In the rebuild I put in a lightening protection system and it looks like a N. Dakota barn - but as others have said, it can happen, we all work to prevent it. Every neighbor that has built around me I give that lightening protection advice and the licensed installer.

The trauma of you and your families experience will test you as the patriarch of the clan. From what I've seen on here you have sholders aplenty to lean on, sharing strength. God bless.
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Grove City
I'm so sorry to read this, Dave. Words just don't do it justice. I'm glad you've been able to get up and get things going. And you've been able to make something positive out of all this. That's what counts right there. If there's anything I can do, just name it. Whatever you need, buddy. You have my number.


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I would also like to add that those of you running around with your fuel light on...you would've been screwed. Unless you have a 24 hour gas station close by, which I do not.
You can use a cc if the lights are on at the pump. Store don’t have to be open
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