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Blackbeard's 2013-2014 Hunting Journal


Senior Member
Oak Hill, OH
My journal is now setup and ready for a season full of excitement. It all begins tomorrow with the first stands going up. I'll have my almost 4 year old with me so it will no doubt take twice as long to hang stands! But it will be fun, and we're both excited. The almost 2 year old is staying at the house or I wouldn't get anything done! More to come.....


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Crawford county
I took my almost 2 year old granddaughter with me a couple weeks ago. I put her in a "papoose" style backpack carrier. She fell asleep within 15 minutes of stepping into the woods. Didn't get a stand hung, but I did get a lot of lanes trimmed for my existing stands.

Have fun with the kids. Looking forward to reading about your progress this season.


Tatonka guide.
I may be taking mine out today also bbeard. Need to do it soon so the deer have time to come back to the zip code...:D:eek::D


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Oak Hill, OH
Got three stands up over the weekend.

This stand is at my feed site. I only hunt it during the seeking/chasing phase of the rut then maybe a few times late in the season, probably no more than 3-6 times all season. I only hunt it with N, NE, and E winds, either morning or evening. I prefer mornings during the rut and evenings in late season. It's in a big poplar at a little more than 27 ft, higher than I normally like to go but I like to get up where there are some limbs to further break up my outline. Deer are very weary around feed and you gotta be concealed or it won't work. I'll add some oaks limbs around the stand later in October for even more cover, while the leaves are still green so they stay on the branches for awhile. I've killed one buck from this stand and a few does.


This stand is in an oak grove in a corner of my property where there are several white oaks, pin oaks, and red oaks. It's about 25 ft in a red oak. The old drag road you see to the right of the stand runs up a ravine from a creek. Deer use the road to get to and from a primary bedding area about 100 yards across the creek. I hunt this stand quite a bit, but no more than 10 times all season. I hunt it with W, NW, and N winds either morning or evening. I've killed one buck from this stand and many does. The key is getting to it quietly. During the rut bucks travel through here a lot to check the bedding area for hot does, and all deer obviously feed off the acorns.


My almost 4 year old helped me with these two stands, and here's his project he worked on while I was setting the oak grove stand!


No photo of the third stand but it's in a large red oak in a saddle that separates a bedding area from a stand of large timber. It's about 22 ft and sits exactly 20 yards from a bush hogged path through the woods that deer use to travel through the saddle. I hunt it with SE, S, and SW winds both morning and evening. I killed a doe off the ground here last year and saw one of the oldest, gnarliest bucks I've ever seen traveling near here several years ago. I was using my LoneWolf climber about 100 yards from here and had him at 25 yards but there was a little brush in the way so I waited for a better shot and he never gave me one! Made me sick.

That's the first three, several more to go.


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SW Ohio
Those are some awesome sets BB! Great read as well! Love the pic of your son, he sure looks like a proud lil fella! Great time spent together...:smiley_clap:

That smaller tree next to your oak tree stand in the second pic provides some great concealment. I have a few stands like that myself and love it when I find a situation like that!

I'll be watching this thread all season! Good luck this season as well!


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Super Mod
Somewhere OHIO
That is looking like some sweet sets BB. Looks like the little fella can rope a few things together and make a good ground blind :)

Won't be long and he will be right there with ya ready to hunt.