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Big Holla Family’s Season - Covid Style

I decided I should have just started a family post highlighting our usual ups and downs of season prep and our hunts that will include Ohio and Michigan. My daughter Jenna has been talking about hunting more this year so hopefully we will have some updates from her as well. Hopefully you all enjoy following along.
I figured I oughta add our first real season update I made in the What did you do for the deer thread.

Was a busy weekend trying to get caught up on projects at the farm. Ended up getting a Guide Gear sprayer from Sportsman’s Guide. It worked perfectly on 3 plot locations and a few trails that needed a little help. It’s got the single boom sprayer out the backside as well as the spot sprayer. I’d say on open ground it easily sprayed a 12 ft wide swath. Through brush it went well beyond the width of the 4 wheeler.

Next on our plate was treestands. We got 3 of the 21’ double rail stands from Sportsman’s Guide and over the last week Allen and I painted them. We took all 3 down knowing we likely wouldn’t get them all up but at least they’re there.

We did end up putting one up for Allen in a spot he had wanted a stand in that overlooked the one soybean field. We always travel in style doing our projects and here’s a pic off a trail camera as we went by LOL! Hopefully you can spot Allen in the trailer!

It was tough and definitely a 3 person job to get it up. Yes my wife Terry even helped.

I’ll have to get better pics of it from the field next time we get down. Other than that we did our usual freshen up of minerals and some corn.
So yesterday we ended up spraying our two plots behind the house. To do that I had to come up with a little Michigan redneck engineering to get a way to use the sprayer with our lawn tractor. You’re never too old to play with your wagon!! 🤣

It actually worked perfectly! The first plot we can see from the house. Not much but hopefully it will work out well to attract a few deer.
The second plot is a little further back and is perfectly secluded. This is where we hope to give the kids some extra stand time and hopefully venison in the freezer. Brown it’s down back here, especially after having an empty freezer going into Covid season! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Busy day today. We renovated/salvaged an old treestand I had back on the property many years ago. Someone had cut the chain holding it up and pushed it over, breaking the bottom half. It was 22 ft tall but now it’s 14 ft and will work perfectly for practicing out of for the next month or two before we move it back on the secluded plot I showed earlier.
Here it is after we did some tree trimming. Just need a few targets and Allen’s got a great practice spot in the back yard.


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Looking great.... Looking forward to following along on your adventures.... Wishing your family a very safe and rewarding season...
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Chuck, looks like Allen’s got some shit on his shorts.... 😂

Good luck with your seasons....
Bahahahaha yeah those are perfect for getting grimy and yard work, no wearing out in public! 🤣

Thanks all for the great comments everyone, hopefully we can break this dry spell and then some this year.
This past weekend we made the trip back to the farm. I rented a u-haul trailer to take our lawn tractor down to mow plots and trails. The spraying I did a couple weeks ago did it's job and made easy work for the mower. The plots are true poor-man's plots with no tilling done, just mowed and kept pushing the debris off to the edges. Saturday we got started and soon were working in the rain to finish the first two plus all the trails and field edges along the way. The first plot is near our sanctuary:



The second plot was over by what we call the old pond. Both of these were food plots in the past when an old buddy used to work them up and plant. Was good to finally see something get done here after several years.


Saturday afternoon it stopped raining and I was able to get the other end of the farm prepped. Mowed trails and two more food plots. One is a corner where Allen has his treestand and the other is an area next to our old cabin on the property. Sunday morning we were able to get out there and finish seeding those as well as spread fertilizer. We also took some time to hang several vines for scrapes to hopefully show up under.
Cabin plot:



Allen's Stand:


Of course while we were down we had to do some R & R stream walking. Allen and Jenna had a good time walking the creek, joking, talking and just being kids again. Found plenty of good petrified wood, looked for arrowheads and found plenty of nah-that ain't one as well as walked up on a fawn bedded along the creek.




Sunday afternoon we took Rusty for a wagon ride to the stream. Man he loved it and it really did bring a tear to my eye seeing him looking around as I took him up into the field in the trailer after the creek. Man I love that dog.