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BassCast Podcast

Hey everyone. Me and my buddy started a podcast! Our first 2 episodes are up. Our first episode is about fishing and hunting AEP. Please listen. Subscribe. Whatever! Would love some feedback! Thanks!
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No problem. Noble county. About 12 years ago. My first hunt. Deer gun week. Second day in the stand. Late morning. Freezing lol. About to say screw this. Then I see a smaller brown doe come over this little ridge. I’m sure I was visibly shaking haha. But I pulled my gun up. She turned. I shot. Terrible shot. Completely missed. She took off. Went in to camp for lunch. Guy who owns the land told me to go back to the stand. They were gonna push to me. No later than an hour after I got in the stand, a smaller 8 point comes almost jogging over the same ridge. I actually didn’t wait. I pulled my gun on him. Shot. He took off down the hill. I swore I hit him though. I waited a few minutes and saw my buddy come walking and he asked if I got him. I remember not being completely sure. So we walked near the are I shot him. SAw blood! Then we heard the four wheeler at the bottom of the hill. We made our way down. Owner of the land came and got him dressed after I tagged him. I puked haha. And he took him to camp. It was good eatin the rest of winter. Very satisfying.