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Baseball Journal


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My main team, is 4-0 and my AL team is winless! All those years the Sox got me through baseball and now the Reds are taking the lead! I can live with it!!!


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Bad night on my end. My Bucs got killed by Colorado and my HS team lost our first 9-5 to Harrison Central.
It was one of those games where the ball doesn't bounce your way.

Their big inning plated 5 runs and they never hit the ball out of the infield. Our pitchers three strikes, but damn...little pee pee grounders just killed us.

Back at home tomorrow. Hopefully we can get back on track.


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Goodluck tommorow Cotty! Sweep em!!

No luck... They swept us. They hit the ball and we couldn't keep up. 1 error in each game but they beat us 6-2 and 10-9. The loss of 7 seniors last year is starting to show as little things that come from experience are costing us games. However, it's a long race and as long as we improve everyday I'm cool.
Come tournament time I think we will give teams fits. This isn't my best team, but it's not my worst. These kids like each other and they fight for each other. That's a good sign.

However, I had to yank my 4 hitter today for throwing a helmet and it may have cost us the second game, but I don't tolerate that crap and the whole team learned a valuable lesson from it.

In the end, hard lessons will make us stronger... I hope.