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Atl shed photo shed

Sgt Fury

Junior Member
Southern NJ/Vinton county Ohio
Have made it out 6 times and had some luck, found 4 dead dead heads 3 old ones not big and 17 sheds so far.
Several were old sheds and still seeing some nice bucks holding both sides. Will hit it hard in March when they start dropping more and hit the bedding areas.
Will post em u in order i found em.

That’s dedication there!! Shed hunting with snow on the ground.


Senior Member
Licking Co.

Found this set today I tapped the right one at 71.5

I been recovering from a knee replacement so this is the first day I really walked instead of driving the buggy

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awesome, Greg! I took a walk on some acreage for sale today, I didn't find any sheds, but maybe found something better...
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