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2021 Youth season


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Youth season is over for us. Saw 8 deer, 2 hens and didn't hear a single gobbler today. Covered by foot, and kubota over 400 acres with nothing. Drove through the state forest pulling off on different ridges and nothing.

Weird day but we had fun.


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Central Ohio
It was an active morning. No shots fired but it was all the fun, and none of the mess (as @brock ratcliff would say) Had a jake sneak in silent and behind us. By the time my son was able to turn, the jake ducked into cover and got away. Then we worked a Tom in from quite a good way off. He got within 75 yards before he got taken away by some hens. We tried to make a move on him since we had to leave by 8:45 (son had to work at 10 and I had to drive my daughter to a soccer game). The move was unsuccessful but we did get into a verbal altercation with the hens. They were quite sassy.

Another observation:
Opening morning, the boys were up, ready to roll, and we left the house 2 minutes early.
Second day, I practically had to beat them both to wake up and we departed 6 minutes late. 😂 Everybody will sleep well tonight.


We made our way towards 2 gobblers about 8 and kinda ran out of real estate so sat down in kinda a thick area and called for bit. Son facing birds and me on backside of tree calling, after 30 min I can see in shadow my son shouldering his shotgun and he's talking a mile a min, me saying huh, huh ,huh and after a min he puts gun down. Apparently 2 birds came by at 30 yds in/out of bushes and never making a peep. He was unable to tell for sure what they were. So close yet so far away 🙂.

He's undecided as to heading back out, his allergies and sinuses are acting up
Well, 3 years running, Lucas is proving to be a great turkey hunter. After getting both up at 0430, we were on the road and headed to the spot. Got in around 545 or so, got Hank all situated for his first turkey hunt and Lu got all set up with his crossbow. Pretty quiet until around 0800, when I was texted a buddy for updates with him and his son, Lu goes "dad, two jakes right here!" The rest is history. Smoked one good and then come the pictures! So proud of him!!!


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