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2019-nCoV (Coronavirus)


Village idiot and local whore
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In a bar
but, but, this just proves that masks and shutdowns and fear mongering works. :ROFLMAO:

this pandemic has turned into a bad SNL skit. poorly written, poorly performed, yet still mildly entertaining.
Entertaining is NOT the word I would use. Disgusting is what this shit show is. The motivated Americans have been the ones to get fucked here, while all these lazy fucks are making more money than ever. Once again, the good workers have to carry the shitbags. Disgusting what we have become.


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Now that the memes are out. I’m waiting to see the first person with their finger in their ass..

At that point and time I’m going to tell them if you pull that finger out and it stinks you should go straight to the hospital you got the RONA!! 😂#FuckFuaciFuckRonaandfuggsheep
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