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100% U.S.A. Made AR500 ½” Steel Target Set


Bow Hunter
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Southern Ohio
My Custom AR500 ½” Steel Target Set

On the day I committed to attend the “2019 Summer Gathering”, which was Wednesday the 10th, I went out behind the house and dug up a 40 plus year old heavy duty ¼” thick steel swing stand that was buried within our creek levy.

Once I got it back to my shop, I started cleaning it up by washing all the dirt off with a regular garden hose.
2019-07-14 19.25.31.jpg

While I was waiting for the sun to dry it off, I got on-line and ordered the hardware needed to hang all the targets I intended on purchasing for it.
  • I first purchased four pairs of Galvanized Ductile Iron Pipe Beam Swing Hangers for the chains to connect to using 3”x¼” spring clamps.
  • Secondly, I purchased twelve 3”x ¼” spring clamps, leaving me with four spares just in case any of them break by chance.
  • Third, I purchased four hanging chain sets that are the heaviest-duty type (14”x 5/16”) with bullet proof bolts.
  • Additionally, I also ordered four sets of the 6” hanging hooks that slide over the 1” steel pipe.
  • Finally, I purchased a total of eight ½” AR500 targets. Not all of them are of the same size and/or shape at you can see below.
  • The rest of the stuff I had in stock, like spray paint, fasteners and steel pipe.
After I completed all my on-line orders, I went ahead and sprayed an entire can of ‘Citristrip’ on all the swing surface areas, then let it sit overnight.

Then next morning, I washed off most all of the old paint with a high-pressure washer.

Then I grabbed my heavy duty 6 amp 4 ½” ‘Skil’ grinder with 40 grit sandpaper and used it on all swing sections to get rid of the rest of the old paint & whatever pitted rust areas on the steel surface.
2019-07-15 19.45.21.jpg

After I finished that, I went ahead, and spray painted all sections with Rust-Oleum grey primer paint. I gave each section approximately three coats and let dry completely overnight.

2019-07-16 19.42.52.jpg

On Tuesday evening of this week, I started the final painting phase. No sooner I finished my very first coat of the gloss black, a quick burst of rain showed up, so I had to grab my ‘Quick Shade’ canopy to protect and cover what I painted thus far.

During Wednesday morning and throughout the rest of the day, it continued to rain off and on, but to stick with my original schedule, I continued the final paint work outside under the canopy.


I applied two more coats of the gloss black spray paint.

I did receive all of my main AR500 targets this afternoon and my Galvanized Ductile Iron Pipe Beam Swing Hangers.


The rest of the items that I ordered is supposed to show up next Monday & Thursday the 18th (4 - 3"x1/2" Gongs & 4 - 6" Steel Hooks).


2019-07-19 15.26.29.jpg

The entire set is extremely heavy, but easy to erect & breakdown. I designed it purposely that way so I can take it to different gun ranges if need be.

The top four targets are mainly for rifle shooting from long distances and the bottom four targets are for pistol shooting.

The entire target set should out last me that's for sure.

I’m sure my family & friends will get plenty enjoyment out of it over the coming years.

I hope you all enjoyed my sharing this project with you and if anyone has any questions, suggestions or concerns of any kind, please don’t hesitate in let me know, thanks!

( Now some of you might understand why I was a little heartbroken to hear that I couldn’t bring any steel targets to the ‘2019 Summer Gathering’ gun range.

I intended on debuting my target set right there for everyone's enjoyment. )


Bow Hunter
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Southern Ohio
I completed my portable steel target set this evening.

The rest of my targets came in earlier today and I just installed them.

There's a total of 10 AR500 1/2" targets.

The top row, left to right;
  1. 21"W x 14"H Bore
  2. 6" Gong
  3. 10" Gong with 3" bullseye hole & 4" Gong behind it
  4. 27"W x 17"H Coyote
  5. 6" Gong
The bottom row mainly for pistols, left to right;
  1. 3" Gong on 10" Hooks
  2. 3" Gong on 6" Hooks
  3. 12"W x 20"H Slaymaker on 10" Hooks
  4. 3" Gong on 6" Hooks
  5. 3"Gong on 10" Hooks
Made a few minor adjustments.

Now I'm just waiting on my Foldable Hunting Target Field Shooting Bench Rest Seat Table Top Target Stand , which should arrive tomorrow sometime.
Portable Shooting Bench Seat with Table Gun Rest.jpg

There's a heck of a good chance I'll be giving everything you see above a trail run this weekend.

So stay tuned folks for the sound of steel :D
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Bow Hunter
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Southern Ohio
Broke in the pistol steel this evening.

The very first time the target set got to be used.

I'd say it head up quite well at this point and the wife really enjoyed the shoot from 15-20 yards.
2019-08-04 20.37.32.jpg

You can see the remains of the lead on the ground in the right photo.

2019-08-04 19.43.10.jpg

Sometime this week I'll try to get the rifles out and give it a whirl and see how those bigger targets do :cool:
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Bow Hunter
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Southern Ohio

I finally got around to shoot at my steel target gallery with a WIN .308 rifle for the first time.

The smaller steel targets are definitely more suited for the pistols.

I tried to capture the 10 shots with my Tactacam camera, however it rolled over on me after a couple of shots, but it still captured the cool sound of steel.


Bow Hunter
Supporting Member
Southern Ohio
A few things...
1. Very cool video 👍
2. You are awfully brave, leaving your camera/phone that close to the splatter. Lol
3. For everyone opening to watch... Fast forward to 2:40... That's when the shooting actually starts.
Hey thanks, I appreciate it!

Just so you know, the camera that I used was my Tactacam, which has a super small lens. I sat it on top of a cardboard box in front of the targets at least 20 yards away.

I was pretty sure nothing would happen to it.


the bullet splatter/debris pretty much falls straight down to the ground. You can see it for yourself in one of the previous photographs within this thread.

And for anyone else who cares to know, there's a 8' creek levy wall within 10 yards just beyond targets,,,

and on top of that, I went ahead and built a 5' tall, 8" thick by 12' long cinder-block wall that's directly behind the gallery.

And wait!

there's more,,, :LOL:

there's a 25' creek ledge/cliff/wall 50 yards past that block wall and finally,,,

approximately four miles of mature hardwoods on the other side of that creek.

So I'm pretty darn confident things are safe for most any kind of shooting at our range.

Several family members have been shooting here for nearly 60 years now.

Our home is in a creek valley and it's the lowest elevation in the entire area.

Our neighbors shoot 'TOO' and some them don't have any backstop to speak of.

I had speak to one of them about it two years ago cause we had bullets flying threw our tree tops one summer afternoon.

A couple of teenagers shooting several different type of weapons at their grandmother's home, which is directly North of me, approximately 1/4 mile away.

Her home sits right on top of the hill, which is above us and they were shooting in her backyard down the hill straight towards our home.

I drove over and asked boys to shoot more South, towards the woods, which is behind our house and not in the direction of our home, and that's exactly what they did.

The boys didn't know the area really and I was pretty nice about it. I just set them straight and they we're pretty cool about it.

I think they're from a place where they can't shoot and a couple of times out of the year they go to their grandmother's place to get their hunting rifles situated.
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