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  1. buckbuster217

    Spring Valley Campgrounds

    Admin edit. Issue resolved. As everyone knows my family hasn't had the greatest year so far, with me having both my hips replaced within 6 months and then right before I was to return to work my wife fell at work and broke her wrist. Well since things seemed to be getting back to normal...
  2. MQ1-Z7

    Our spring food and deer plot

    I was out in the plot today and Here are some pics of our food plot i planted this late spring, Not many farmers close to here plant clover anymore and clover is a big part of the diet that they just dont get most places and it will last 5 to 8 years which will then give time for the trees to...
  3. huntn2

    2013 Ohio Spring Turkey Leaderboard

    Pretty successful opening week for the TOO family! Congrats to all who have taken or assited another hunter in taking a bird in week 1 of the season. I'd like to point out that the youth are sitting in 2nd. Special congratulations to Kody and Andrew. We still have 4 participants not...
  4. huntn2

    2013 Spring Turkey Contest - Alternate Signups

    This thread is for alternates to the Turkey Contest. For every 4 additional members we get as alternates, I will add a team. We do need to fill one spot on an existing team first though. Thanks,
  5. huntn2

    2013 Spring Turkey Contest - Team Assignments

    Alright all, Below are the team assignments for the 2013 TOO Spring Turkey Competition. Please create a team thread and check in ASAP. I started a youth team based on comments in this thread and the Deer contest. If your child does not want to participate, let me know and I will remove...
  6. finelyshedded

    Finelyshedded Turkey 2013 Spring season

    I'm about the most novice of most of the turkey hunters on this site but wanted to start my season off with a thread. It will consist of pics and videos of scouting trips,trail camera shots and actual hunting views and such. My cameras will be going up very soon, hopefully this week, and I'm...
  7. Bowhunter57

    Happy first day of Spring!

    Yea, right! Whatever! :smiley_arrogant: I was out working in this "Spring"-like weather, today. 28 degrees, 20+ m.p.h. winds and all the snow flakes that you could catch on your tongue. I just love Spring-like weather like the one we had today. There's nothing like wearing layers of...
  8. huntn2

    2013 The Ohio Outdoors Spring Turkey Contest - Rules & Sign-ups

    Alright all, Below are the rules for the 2013 TOO Spring Turkey Competition. Format/Rules are the same as years past. That means the buddy bird system is back to help promote the brotherhood of TOO! I look forward to a fun, safe and successful turkey season. TOO Turkey Competition...
  9. M

    2012 Spring turkey

    My 2012 spring turkey. The only other turkey I got couple years ago was during a rain storm and I shot a long bearded hen. Be damn if I could see for all the rain in my shotgun scope. Eat good though. I have seen upto 56 in one flock here on the farm. And had 4-5 Toms 15 ft from the window of...
  10. huntn2

    2012 Ohio Spring Turkey Leaderboard

    Well folks, after 2 weeks, below is the leaderboard. Good luck to all who are still gettting after it. Place Team Points 11 Total - 75 9 Total - 65 8 Total - 60 5 Total - 45 6 Total - 40 1 Total - 20 2 Total - 20 10 Total - 10 13 Total - 10 4 Total - 0 12 Total - 0 3...
  11. Boone

    Spring plot screen planting

    I found time this weekend to plant a screen for one of our exposed food plots. The screens we have planted in the past have made the deer more active in the plot during shooting light. This year we had some leftover corn and planted it with the millet we bought. The millet is relatively cheap...
  12. Boone

    What are you planting this spring?

    Most of my plots are fall planted at the end of August, but if you are planting corn, beans, etc, they need to go in the ground shortly. What are your plans? I am so busy right now with all of my kids in sports that my weekends are pretty much scheduled until June. I might have to take Friday...
  13. finelyshedded

    The "SPRING GAME"!

    Anybody else watch it? I loved the play calling and competition drills before the game! Would have like to see alittle more running plays just to see what Dunn and Smith bring to the table but glad to see the QB's air it out and see what kind of WR we have TOO! Michael Williams,Chris Fields and...
  14. huntn2

    2012 Spring Turkey Contest - Alternate Signups

    This thread is for alternates to the Turkey Contest. As of now, Fluteman and Epe are on the alternate list. I am not sure if Carpn wants in or not. If needed I can get Alphamax10 to play ball as well. For every 3 members we get in the alternates, I will add a team. We do need to fill...
  15. huntn2

    2012 Spring Turkey Contest - Team Assignments

    Alright all, Below are the rules and team assignments for the 2012 TOO Spring Turkey Competition. Please create a team thread and check in ASAP. I will open an alternates signup thread for late arrivals to throw their name into. I know we need one alternate to fill a spot already. As...
  16. F

    Watch out Logan county..can't wait until the Spring

    Kind of hard to tell but there were 11 good size turkeys hanging out near my ground blind last night. Too bad they were not 11 bucks but that's ok. They are showing up on all my trail cams too. Should be a good season next spring in Logan county!
  17. bowhunter1023

    TOO Hall of Fame Inductee: Ryan Nayden's "Unforgettable spring"

    Spring of 2010 is one I will never forget. Here is how a spring becomes unforgettable… I was staring down turkey season with high expectations and a new found confidence. I was coming off a deer season that saw me drop bucks in NY and PA, which had my confidence on the rise. I could have...
  18. Mike

    Leaf Spring Crossbow

    The fabrication on this is amazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOkgkHw0Ugg
  19. Curran

    Wet spring = Late planting

    So with all the rain we've had in the last month the fields are still flooded everywhere I seem to look, and I've heard that less than 1% of the state's corn crop is in the ground. At this stage of the game it's usually closer to 50% or more planted by now. Just wanted to get everybody's...