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  1. moundhill

    Every Youth Season

    Every youth seaosn i think back to my first deer i've ever takrn. My dad, my brother and i headed out to a ground blind on my grandma's land. I was using a 4.10 single shot, which i still have and my brother was packing a 20 gauge. My dad said "you watch this window, you watch this window. And...
  2. D

    Early Muzzy season...could it be.....

    Yes it could....just spoke with Mike T deer manager for the state of Ohio and he is thinking about allowing an early muzzy season (anterless only) for zone c only in October. Many of us on here believe the deer #'s are not what they were and our deer sightings have dropped, including mine...
  3. finelyshedded

    My Story,My Hunt and My Season

    My story started last year when I first got permission to hunt a farm just a few miles from my house. I actually was looking for shed hunting permission and the nice farmer said I can hunt a 80 acre portion of his farm as other hunters hunt the bigger more enticing portion of his farm. I gladly...
  4. RedCloud

    Redclouds 11/12 season

    I felt left out lmao. 9/24 Found me in my pasture stand for a late morning hunt. I had never been in this set other then the day I hung it so I wasn't comfortable trying it in the dark for an early morning hunt. I got to my stand at 11am to check the trail cam and decided to climb up for a...
  5. L

    good start for the season

    First off i am new to this site so i know no one here but figured i would share that i killed a 3year old doe this morning at 9:10. It was very slow until then all i heard or saw in the fog were some turkeys yelping in the distance.I was starting to wonder if the rain was ever going to stop.I...
  6. bowhunter1023

    Jesse's 2011-2012 Season Journal...

    Well, seeing that we are T-minus one month until the season, there is no time like the present to start keeping tabs on the way the season is going. It is no secret who my target buck will be this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking for a few other bucks I have some background with...
  7. Curran

    2011-12 Waterfowl Hunting Season Dates Approved by Wildlife Council

    Well, here they are... the big changes from the DOW. And in my opinion the border moving to I-70 and the dates just suck. Some of the absolute best hunting I've had is in January, and now because of the border move along with the dates available to hunt, I'll have birds all over the place that I...
  8. swamp_donkey819

    2011/2012 season

    just wanted to post this, wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the help and input and ifo they have helped me out with, have really picked up alot and understood deer alot better, sorry i couldnt reply back as much help. also wanted to say good luck this season to everyone whether your...
  9. hickslawns

    2011 Season Goals

    Along with a checklist a month out I am thinking about some goals for this season. I pretty much have had some in my head since last year, but would like to hear some of yours as well. 1) Be safe. Thank the Lord. Same as every year. 2) Harvest more does. 3) Naturally a goal to tag...
  10. moundhill

    Late Season Bucks

    Last year diablo asked if i wanted to do some filming in the late season. He had already killed a buck and planned on wacking a doe, so i decided to just film. Not planning on shooting a buck, i didnt take my bow..:smiley_blackeye::smiley_blackeye::smiley_bla ckeye:. Here's the video, it gets...
  11. jagermeister

    Early goose season

    Only about a month away now boys! Is anyone else starting to see flocks of geese out in the fields now? I've been having a couple big groups fly over the house in the evenings pretty regularly now. Seeing flocks here and there in the cut hay fields also.
  12. Buckslayer

    Gun season not so long ago...

    My story starts out with me being 8 years old and going to my hunters safety course with my dad. After a couple nights of going to class and learning all about hunting, gun safety, and the outdoors, I passed my test and was ready to hit the woods. My first few years hunting were exclusively for...
  13. hunterkid94

    Ill miss bow season again:(

    As long as I have waited and tried to save for a bow, I failed yet again. With purchasing a car, new droid, pay for insurance, and now a kayak, I have failed to get a bow. Well, theres always next year. So if I dont log in before gun season, its because im jealous of the bow hunters! On a...
  14. ohio mossy oak

    Just what I fuggin need 67 days before the season starts.

    I been battling Tendonitis in my bow arm since last summer..:smiley_boos:I shot my 07 Bear at 54lb all season.I got my 2010 Z28 in Feb an figured I would start with it turned down post injury.An I had not shot for a few months..Had it at about 52lb an it was great..I could shoot for an hour an...
  15. RedCloud

    2011 hunting season costs

    I was sitting here this evening and getting a ballpark of what my new bow setup will cost and the overall cost that this season has already racked up lol. I'm going to go crawl into a hole and cry now :smiley_baby:
  16. swamp_donkey819

    2011 deer season property scouting

    goin to scout out the new hunting property that i got this year, hoping to see some nice deer and nice deer movement, will update my results later tonight, hopefully some pictures to
  17. bowhunter1023

    TOO July Buck of the Month: Scott Schuster's Late Season Bruiser

    It's time to celebrate another memorable hunt and extraordinary buck harvested by TOO member Scott Schuster. Scott’s unique buck is the largest of his career and a buck we’d all love to have hanging in our Man Room! Congrats to Scott on the harvest of a fantastic whitetail! His story is one of...
  18. U

    recap of my season so far

    since im to lazy to look back over which pics i have posted im gonna post em all including new ones 43 pound flathead 30 pound flathead 33 pound flathead 39 pound flathead 47 pound flathead 33 pound flathead 32 pound flathead 30 pound...
  19. RedCloud

    Ohio Deer Season 2011 -2012

    Let the countdown begin :smiley_clap: 110 Days