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  1. matt hougan

    A pile of frogs

    Took my boys out tonight for a night of frog gigging. Got the green light on a pond that is absolutely stacked. After some quick instructions before dark we hit the water in my canoe. My 3 million candle watt halogen lamp lights up the frogs like crazy. Nathan my oldest was gigging first...
  2. Kujo

    game feeder vs. bait pile?

    okay, I am only baiting 1 of my properties this year. right now I have plenty of apples to get me through the 1st month TOO month and a half. the farmer said I would hook me up with a truck bed full of corn again this year. So I was wondering if it would be better to go with a game feeder with a...
  3. hickslawns

    Show us your wood (pile)

    Here is the home heating thread, AKA "show us your wood". I heat exclusively with wood heat. What you will see are piles of wood in various stages of season. Some of it is still whole log length or chunks of trees we moved with the bobcat/backhoe. Most is log lengths cut to length. Some...